Thursday, December 20, 2018


Standing up for What is Right

Joe di Genova and Tom Fitton are genuine patriots in the mold of America’s founders. I particularly like di Genova’s style which confronts what’s going on with brutal honesty.

While some who defend the president use a strident tone that often undermines their case (in the end just sounding like one side of a debatable argument — e.g. Sean Hannity, Alex Jones), these guys cut strait to the truth.

Appeals to justice, the rule of law, and the foundations of America’s constitutional republic win hands down over a group of corrupt scheming autocrats dedicated to nothing but destruction and imposed obedience.

Aside from FOX news, you’re not going to hear much from these dedicated citizens in establishment venues.

Monday, December 10, 2018


The Monster in the Mirror

A rarely acknowledged recurring truth of history:

When a group is oppressed or in a position of diminished status and seeks equality it will, in the end, seek dominance. Upon achieving dominance it will often act as oppressive toward other groups as they themselves had experienced prior to attaining ascendency.

Friday, December 07, 2018


Non-Divisive Divisivness

“Donald Trump’s legacy of Divisiveness...”


Repeat a lie enough and people will believe it. Establish a general theme repeatedly, and that too will be digested as having merit.

After nonstop depictions of Trump as a “divisive, corrupt, racist, authoritarian” devil, a segment of the public with weak critical insight have bought the image hook line and sinker. After all, that is what “they” are saying. Of course, “they” are merely the propaganda arms of the leftist industrial complex — everyone from college professors to late night comedy hosts. If they told you daily that elephants fly, a good portion of the public would accept it as a fact of science.

So now, complete fabrications of character regarding the president have become gospel among mobs of statist thugs, assorted proto-communists, and run-of-the-mill drones lacking the intellectual insight required to form conclusions based on reality.

So it is that Donald Trump is a “racist” even though, after three years of thorough investigation, no one can come up with any evidence of him “using the N-word.” Partisan clowns like low-grade actor Tom Arnold or a very bitter and scheming former assistant to the President, Omarosa, claim they have their smoking gun but have yet to even reveal an empty squirt gun. One of my favorite repeated fantasies is that Trump is “homophobic” in spite of a long history of friendship with gay personalities, appointing a — very qualified — gay man to the ambassador post in Germany, active support from tech icon, Peter Thiel, and even old video footage of he and Rudolph Guilliani in drag. The truth regarding Donald Trump’s “____phobia” is that he simply doesn’t care. (I can personally relate to this stance). He neither loves nor hates any specific PC protected group. That, in itself, is enough to get one branded “___phobic” these days. It is part of the Jacobin gospel that one must enthusiastically crusade for a given interest or one is automatically....”____phobic.” I think Donald Trump could care less about Muslims, gays, or Hispanics. Putting a temporary ban on people coming to the U.S. from SOME Muslim countries — which have unstable terror-aligned governments — hardly equals, ....”hates Muslims.” Pursuing racially-neutral policies (e.g. negotiating more labor-friendly trade deals) that improve the employment status and lives of specific racial groups produces a good practical end yet fails to impress leftists favoring words over results. If one fails to raise a rainbow flag or enthusiastically celebrate an obscure personality or holiday honoring a victim group du jour, one simply must be, “full of hate.”

Then, there is the “divisiveness.” What the hell does that even mean? Obama spent eight years stoking flames in every incident that held racial implication. Trump’s only statements regarding African-Americans have been to brag of his improvement of their lives and to express sympathy for the one’s he knows who’s loved ones died at the hands of illegal migrants (a sympathy not shown by anyone on the left or the Democrats’ party).

It turns out that “divisiveness” in regard to Trump merely means that he tweets back sarcastic responses to those who unfairly malign him and seek to thwart his active attempts to fix the many problems that have gone unaddressed by establishment institutions for decades.

Meanwhile, in a stunning example of projection, the left hammers away at any crack in American society, creating crevasses everywhere, between genders, races, religions, economic classes, and personal orientations. With the fall of Marxist economics, cultural Marxism has sought to splinter society into a thousand-and-one groups of “oppressed peoples.” With a final goal of creating a powerful punitive mega-state, the last thing the left will permit is a stable prosperous society where people’s personal interests and concerns override the ideological bandwagon.

None of this is to say that any president is not fair game for critical analysis or that Donald Trump doesn’t have attributes worthy of negative appraisal but...some fairness and honesty please.

Claims of “racism,” “[every group] phobia,” and divisiveness have all just become another cliche’ method of attack upon anyone who dares stray from the left’s march into chaos and eventual bondage...

Meanwhile; low unemployment among all groups, improved national security, and a genuine desire to repair the damage of decades brought by those whose only real concern is dictating the personal lives of others.

Monday, December 03, 2018


The Marvel of Common Sense

People are often amazed at the prophetic skill some people have when, in fact, a common sense awareness of human nature and creative capacity could come to the same conclusions just as easily. An accurate appraisal of the human condition and its development arises not from being a genius but by simply not being blind.

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